Seattle startups ride cloud of innovation

Once again, an article describes that Seattle and its tech start ups are alive and kicking, and driving innovation and economic growth.

Different from the past in fact,  the Valley’s been fretting about a slowdown in venture funding for consumer Web companies: “consumer behaviors are starting to ossify on the Web, and it is harder than ever to build a large audience from a standing start.” (Fred Wilson, VC)

In Seattle there is a very interesting and different situation, since the specific areas of start up focus (namely, cloud computing, biotech, mobile) make for a healthy and growing ecosystem, and capital aligns better with their opportunities and timeline.

“These companies don’t get the buzz of the Valley’s groovy consumer startups. But those that survived the recession and steadily built strong businesses are moving into position for big breakouts over the next year or two.”

What is definitely sure is that the sentiment of most people in the tech space is positive to excited, the rate of companies looking for hiring folks is increasing, Microsoft says they cannot hire fast enough for the new job openings, Amazon is planning to break ground on the 3 towers for its new HQ next to Lake Union.

This looks all positive, and helps a bunch in these months of wintery gloomy weather!


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