Carmal International is a “Business Accelerator” organization that helps companies increase their opportunities, either in the US market or internationally, and provides them with services to help them in their strategic planning, international operations, sales and marketing, partnering, access to capital.

Carmal International leverages the experience of some seasoned business execs and marketeers that have made a career internationally mainly in the IT and Media space, and a network of selected service providers.

The localization in the Pacific NorthWest, one of the hubs of cloud computing and technology, allows a very direct connection with some of the most important software platform vendors, Microsoft and Amazon first, together with the opportunity of developing programs tailored to improve the sales and marketing alignment with these vendors.

Silicon Valley North? How America’s two tech hubs are converging

Yes, there is kind of a rivalry between SF and Seattle, one that the Seattleites do not want to acknowledge (also maybe because Seattle is much more peripheral and provincial). But the number of people that appreciate the quality and the potential of the northern location is continuously increasing, or the number of people that …

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Why Seattle startups have an advantage

Nice comments from Microsoft M&A Exec Bob Kelly at the last Mile9 cohort graduation event: “Here’s the ‘dirty secret’ about Silicon Valley, and why Seattle startups have an advantage”. Bob Kelly arguments that Silicon Valley startups typically gain early sales momentum because they sell to other startup or mid-tier companies in the Valley. But in …

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Seattle again in the top tech cities in America

Again, Seattle is at the top in the ranking for tech cities in America. A new article from Bloomberg, based on the 2014 data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, shows San Jose (eg the Silicon Valley) as the top city, followed by Bridgeport CT, then SF and Seattle. More than the ranking per se, …

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From startups to VC perspective

You may want to read this article, where Ryan Sarver (previous platform guru @Twitter and other) describes his transition from being a startupper to a VC, and what difference it makes in the perspective of risk, time, success factors. The reason this is important if you are on the startup front is because you have …

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Smart Cities

There is a growing number of people that try to define a city to be “smart”: smart cities find ways to become more efficient, to deliver more services via mobile technology, to optimize existing infrastructure, and to leverage citizen participation to create better land-use decisions and to break down bureaucracy in order to stimulate a …

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“Mountains and salmon and coffee and rain” of Seattle

Tableau (DATA) is top on the economic news these days, thanks to the great success of its IPO, that even few days after keeps humming at +75% vs. the initial offering price – kudos! Well, ten years ago Tableau’s founders decided they needed a change of scenery and chose the “mountains and salmon and coffee and …

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Seattle startups ride cloud of innovation

Once again, an article describes that Seattle and its tech start ups are alive and kicking, and driving innovation and economic growth. Different from the past in fact,  the Valley’s been fretting about a slowdown in venture funding for consumer Web companies: “consumer behaviors are starting to ossify on the Web, and it is harder …

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Seattle the #1 Best City for Technology Jobs in the US

This is the news that Forbes publishes, based on high-tech employment data collected from EMSI and charted by the Praxis Strategy Group. During tough economic times, technology is often seen as the one bright spot. In the U.S. this past year technology jobs outpaced the overall rate of new employment nearly four times. But if …

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Microsoft Partner Network: membership vs. guidance

The Microsoft Partner Program (MPN – PartnerNetwork now) has its cycles and now, as any other year, all partners are asked to check and renew their credentials; see here the support plan from the Partner Team to help out partners in need. Given the impact of the cloud and the business transformation it necessarily drives …

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Top 10 tech investing trends for 2011

Happy New Year, have a great 2011!   What will 2011 bring us in the IT & technology space? Mobile is king; VCs are unimaginative (“tend to start the new year off throwing good money after bad on last year’s tired and expired ideas. 2011 will be no exception for innovation imitation”); crowdsourcing; monetizing video …

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