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Carmal International is a “Business Accelerator” company that can provide its customers many lines of service:


Business Development IT startup Business Landing Sales and Marketing optimization
  • Business opportunity assessment, research
  • Business planning
  • Capital raising
  • Business setup, first year execution
  • Alliance development
  • Driving growth
  • Feasibility analysis for startups
  • Marketing services for IT startups
  • Business Development
  • Geographic growth strategy development
  • Company localization in the US
  • Business Development
  • Strategy consulting
  • Project management
  • Marketing Communications, social media, SEO
  • Channel strategy and development
  • Go-to-market, sales acceleration

Carmal International professionals know best the IT, mobile and online workspace, but can also engage with all these services in different industries.

Two additional specific focused service lines focus on Cloud Services and Alliance Management as a service (with Microsoft and other major software vendors).

Alliance Management

“Alliance Management as a service” is a service line to enable software companies that cannot afford a full time employee to focus on Alliance management with main software vendors to have a resource focusing on developing an effective partner strategy and address co-marketing opportunities. Partnerbeat leverages in fact that the personal experiences and network to …

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