Business Landing

Cloud computing is introducing a discontinuity in the IT workplace – customers can now run applications independently of their physical localization, users do not need to know where their data are stored and can access their applications everywhere they are, users operate on simpler devices that require less maintenance or direct support.

In this new scenario software companies have a greater` and exciting opportunity of planning to “go global”:

  1. to address a much larger market worldwide
  2. to decouple the localization of development, support teams from their go-to-market geographies

What if you could plan to “go global” and… do it from the US?

Top 5 reasons why you should consider to have a US presence:

  1. Be a part of the expected US economy growth, which for the years 2011-2013 is higher than the growth for the same period in most other developed countries;
  2. Go with the leader: the US represent the single largest market in terms of IT investments;
  3. Improve you global presence: there is a definite perception that US companies are more “global” in scope;
  4. Tap into additional financial resources: access to capital for software companies is easier in the US;
  5. Take advantage of taxes and incentives programs, that make it much more convenient than most other developed countries.

Take advantage of this opportunity: enhance your strategic plan, give yourself the chance of boosting your growth plan – evaluate the US as a location for your business.

Carmal International provides support in identifying opportunities to localize your company in the US, start up operations (physically or virtually), execute on the growth plan, address Venture Capital companies, build a partnering & channel strategy, align sales & marketing plans to Microsoft or other strategic vendors.

The advantage of working with CarMal International is to be able to execute this strategy with the support of people that know well both the US and International markets, minimizing the risks associated and implementing a step by step smoother plan.

We can help you reach your business goals while anticipating the associated problems!