US: the crossroad nation

Yes, the 20th century went by with the great expansion of the US as an economic and political super power. What are the perspectives for the 21st century, what its role as we see China and India drive growth?  The US still have an incredible opportunity, and I believe David Brooks picks well when it describes its foundation as “a crossroad” – for growth, for business development, for innovation – specifically in the IT space.

It is the combination of education, venture capital, and the availability of “hubs” that define the US dominance in IT; all these factors do in fact accelerate all that is already positive, in a way that other geographies have not been able to do. 

This is even more true if you do the analysis in micro-segments (e.g. see how biotech, gaming, mobile are growing faster in Seattle), and see how locations determine the success of specific industries; Boston, Silicon Valley, Seattle will be the center of gravity for IT for a much longer time….

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