Silicon Valley North? How America’s two tech hubs are converging

Yes, there is kind of a rivalry between SF and Seattle, one that the Seattleites do not want to acknowledge (also maybe because Seattle is much more peripheral and provincial).
But the number of people that appreciate the quality and the potential of the northern location is continuously increasing, or the number of people that consider moving here. Yes, difficult not to notice, given that the number of cranes in Seattle is the same as SFO, Chicago & NY combined ;)

Here comes a new article from the Economist that provides a different view: the 2 hubs are actually converging, because of the exchange of capital, brainware and people.
There are 25+ flights daily between SFO and SEA, 10+ between SEA and SJC, 10 between Oakland and SEA. Can you figure how many people daily that means?

Seattle and Silicon Valley are now joined at the hip.
The best approach is to make that connection as efficient as possible, says Rich Barton, a serial entrepreneur. He not only started Zillow and Expedia, a giant online travel site, among other Seattle firms, but is a partner at Benchmark, a leading VC firm in the valley.
Rather than relying on flights, which are often delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, he says, someone should build a high-speed rail line.Or an hyperloop? ;)

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