Why Seattle startups have an advantage

Nice comments from Microsoft M&A Exec Bob Kelly at the last Mile9 cohort graduation event: “Here’s the ‘dirty secret’ about Silicon Valley, and why Seattle startups have an advantage”.

Bob Kelly arguments that Silicon Valley startups typically gain early sales momentum because they sell to other startup or mid-tier companies in the Valley.
But in Seattle — which lacks that sort of dynamic startup ecosystem and robust buying and selling environment —startups need to find real customers who fork out cash because the technology solves a real problem.

“That is a huge asset. It may not feel like the bootstrapping mechanism you get in the Valley,” said Kelly. “But, boy, I’ll tell you what, you get a different kind of company coming out of Seattle. And that is a really, really powerful platform to build from.”

The flip side of that is that the Valley tends to create companies forged with entrepreneurs who have “a bit more of the killer instinct,” while “Seattle is just so nice,” said Kelly.

Nice and better founded? maybe.


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