Smart Cities

There is a growing number of people that try to define a city to be “smart”:

smart cities find ways to become more efficient, to deliver more services via mobile technology, to optimize existing infrastructure, and to leverage citizen participation to create better land-use decisions and to break down bureaucracy in order to stimulate a creative, entrepreneurial economy. In short, smart cities are innovative cities.

Yes, I think that ranking them year after year, as if incredible changes affect them so often, it’s a bit of stretch; but it is interesting to read the reasons behind, and check how comes that Seattle ranks #1 in North America.

Read the article “The 10 Smartest Cities In North America”, and see what it says on how

 Seattle (..) is also a quality hub for startups and is one of the only North American cities with more than 1,000 open data sets which are offered for transparency but also to support the growth of startups and introduction of mobile apps to improve mobility and quality of life in the city. In the 2012 publication of the Global Startup Ecosystem Index, Seattle’s entrepreneurial ecosystem was ranked fourth in the world.

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