Why You Should Start a Company in… Seattle

It used to be, if you were serious about starting a tech company, you went to Silicon Valley. But emerging entrepreneurial hubs around the country are giving startup aspirants options.

Laura Rich, from Fast Company, has been doing a virtual road trip of sorts to the nation’s technology hubs, asking people in those communities to explain what makes the places tick.

In her article about Seattle she describes a number of reasons why this city is no longer only the backyard of Microsoft, but a location that has an “ecosystem churning with energy” – access to capital, talent, frontier spirit, and a great community that benefits from the presence and investments of Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Clearwire, Expedia, Nintendo US, now the biotech and many new technology startups….

PS if they tell you that it always rains in Seattle, it is definitely not that bad; but then… no surprises Seattle has a big role in the Cloud Computing!

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